• We are Sofia Bird Walks.

    Established in 2020, Sofia Bird Walks is the only initiative offering free and open bird walks in and around Sofia, Bulgaria's capital. Our aim is to present the rich bird diversity in this part of the country to as many people as possible. In a 30 km radius from the city centre, you can encounter more than 270 species of birds - 65% of all bird species found in Bulgaria!


    So far we have organized 12 walks with more than 200 participants. Everyone is welcome - from locals to expats and tourists; from the age of 5 to 95; from experienced birders and photographers to people who simply enjoy spending some quality nature time. We speak fluent English and will be happy to provide binoculars and field guides if you don't have any.


    In addition to our free walks, we provide a wide variety of digital experiences (in Bulgarian only, for now) such as interactive learning materials for different species and bird families, birding challenges and the first birding podcast in the country. We also have a subscription-based Birding Club (in Bulgarian), whose members receive exclusive content - in-depth online courses, monthly challenges, a weekly bulletin for rare species, online meetings and more.

  • Swarovski dG

    We tested Swarovski's novel device and shared our experience with it.